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IDR 2,499,000

per bulan (Incl. Tax)

One-stop SaaS solution for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service needs for businesses of any size, with no limitations! Free 2-months subscription with annual subscription.

WhatsApp Support

  • 1000 inbound conversation credits for WhatsApp*.

  • Masked and Green ticked WhatsApp account*

Everything Unlimited!

  • Unlimited number of staff

  • Unlimited number of forms and surveys

  • Unlimited number of sales pipeline

  • Unlimited number of Websites and Funnels

  • Unlimited Number of Domains

  • Unlimited Number of Automations and Workflows

  • Unlimited number of Calendars (Sync with Outlook and Google Calendar)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support

  • Chat Bot*

  • Customer Intention Detection

  • AI-based Text Generation (Website, Blog, Email, Social Media Posts to Conversational Messages) *

  • AI-based Image Creation*

Marketing and Workflow Automation

  • Automation of personalized Email, WhatsApp and other message delivery

  • Contact Segmentation Automation

  • Automation Based on Trigger Link

  • Automation Based on Incoming Messages

  • Birthday Message Automation

  • Survey Response Automation

    Submit Form Automation

  • Lead Form Automation (FB, IG, TikTok, LinkedIn)

  • E-commerce Automation (Shopify)

  • Sales Stages Automation

  • Task Automation

  • Automation Based on Video Tracking

Contact Management

  • Smart List - Auto update contact segmentation

  • Merge up to 10 contacts

  • Automatic contact storage of incoming conversations

  • Bulk Action for Email, Workflow, Review Requests

  • Import/Export Contacts

  • Contact Related Task Management

Conversation Management

  • Multichannel conversations: WhatsApp, Email, Social Media and Google My Business

  • Instagram and Facebook Direct Message Integration

  • Autosave conversation history

  • Personalized message templates

  • Scheduled auto reply

  • Trigger Link

Pipeline Management

  • Drag-and-drop lead status

  • Pipeline Customization

  • Multipurpose Pipeline

Website and Sales Funnel Builder

  • Website Creation, Sales Funnel, Drag-and-drop, without coding

  • Form Creation and Integration with Website

  • Appointment Calendar

  • WordPress Integration

  • Member Portal Creation

  • Survey Creation

  • Chat Widget Customization and Integration

  • Domain Management

Reputation Management

  • Review Integration on Google My Business and Facebook Page

  • Automatic review response

  • Review requests via email, WhatsApp, and SMS

Lead Ads Integration

  • Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads

  • TikTok Lead Ads

  • LinkedIn Lead Ads

Payment Management

  • Invoicing

  • Integration with NMI,, and PayPal for payment gateway


  • Product Management

  • Coupon Management

  • Transaction Management

Statistics and Reports

  • Custom Statistics Dashboard

  • Lead Report

  • Automation History Report

  • Lead Source Report

  • Sales Stage Report

  • Google Ads and Meta Ads Reports

  • Email Marketing Report

  • Website Analytics and Sales Funnel

*Please Refer to FAQ


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The best tools will be more perfect with our support and strategy. Let us run the platform, so you can focus more on your business innovation.

Everything in Business Package Plus :

  • Third Party Platform Integration

  • Managed CRM service

  • Managed Social Media services

  • Managed Automation and Workflow services

  • Managed Digital advertising

  • Managed Email, WhatsApp, and SMS Marketing

  • Managed Website, Funnels and Marketing Strategy

Pricing FAQ

Conversation Credits

What's the pricing model for sending WhatsApp messages?

To be able to send WhatsApp messages to customers you have to top up for Conversation Credits first with minimum amount of IDR 1.000.000. This credits will be used both for WhatsApp conversation and Emails

This will be utilized for following message type :

  • Marketing (Rp 596,33 /session)

  • Utility (Rp 295,32 /session)

  • Authentication (Rp 438,00 /session)

You will get monthly 1000 WhatsApp conversation credits for inbound messages and will be reset for each month

Masked and Green-Ticked WhatsApp Business Account

How do I get my green ticked and masked WhatsApp Business account?

You have to prepare several legal documents such as SIUP, TDP and other legal documents.

Facebook Business Manager account

Website and email with the same domain. (We also provide website development)

Is it guaranteed that I will be granted the green-tick?

No, only some business categories are allowed . For complete list of allowed business categories, please refer to following page :

The authority to grant official accounts lies solely with WhatsApp under Facebook. WhatsApp conducts assessments for the granting of official accounts in a closed manner with non-published assessment specifications.

To get a "green tick" or an official account, WhatsApp API users are required to verify their official account after their WhatsApp Business API account has been activated. Verification can be done after the WhatsApp Business API number has been used for 1-2 days.

How much for setup fee?

We charged for a one-time setup fee for WhatsApp Business API for IDR 1,500,000


Do I get charged for sending emails?

Yes, you are charged IDR 20,- per email sent, and it will be deducted from Conversation Credits.

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